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10-1223 Phonolube 10-150 Silicone Rubber Adhesive, Clear 10-1762 Liquid Tape
10-1223 Phonolube10-150 Silicone Rubber Adhesive, Clear10-1762 Liquid Tape

Light bodied grease made of polymerized oil •Specially developed for the lubrication of small geared mechanisms such as phonographs, record changers, TV channel and record mechanisms, etc.

GC Electronics 10-150 is a high strength clear silicone rubber. It weatherproofs, waterproofs, seals, bonds and stays flexible.



Heavy bodied black insulating coatingwhich replaces insulating tape inapplications where wrap-around tapecannot be applied This compound driesquickly to a strong pliable finish that willnot crack, peel or chip 2 fl. oz. bottle with brush




10-302 Radio & TV Service Cement 10-312 Radio and TV Service Solvent 10-4102 Polystyrene Q Dope Thinner
10-302 Radio & TV Service Cement10-312 Radio and TV Service Solvent10-4102 Polystyrene Q Dope Thinner
  • For gluing porous or semiporous materials together or to nonporous materials
  • Vibration resistant
  • Great for repairing speaker cones
  • Quick drying, waterproofand clear
  • 2 fl. oz. bottle with brush
  • For dissolving cement commonly used inradio and TV equipment
  • Fast-acting
  • Mayalso be used as a thinner for all lacquer typecements
  • 2 fl. oz. bottle

Used to thin polystyrene based coil dopes and cements •Can also be used for cementing polystyrene materials •2 fl. oz. bottle




10-985 Reach ALL Pen Oiler 22-203 print Kote Confromal Coating 22-209 Print Kote Solvent
10-985 Reach ALL Pen Oiler22-203 print Kote Confromal Coating22-209 Print Kote Solvent

Highly refined, nongumming instrument oil in a convenient pen-like dispenser •Excellent for in-field work •Comes with a 51/2" long reach extender and a pocket clip •1/2 oz.

PCB PRINT KOTE CONFORMAL COATING - 2 OZ - The ultimate coating for PC boards. Provides a protective shield to resist enviornmental contaminants.

Removes silicone and other types of protective coatings from PC boards. Required when protective coating interferes with the desoldering and soldering operation. 2 oz. bottle, six bottles per case




Graphite Lubricant White Lithium Grease 10-354
Graphite LubricantWhite Lithium Grease10-354
Graphite Lubricant, Bottle, 1-1/8 Oz Dry powdered graphite is the finest lubricant for metal, wood, plastic, and rubber. Guards against sticking and dirt, build up. Reduces wear and corrosion. Ideal for many uses including locks, hinges, doors, wheels, and rubber parts

A multi-purpose grease, provides rust and corrosion protection.

All GC Aerosols, Except as noted contain no Ecology-Damaging Fluorocarbons   


Bonds synthetic rubber, metal, wood, and plastic. Dries quickly and produces a lasting bond. Ozone friendly.




10-4202 Liquid solder Flux 10-8880 High Voltage Putty
10-4202 Liquid solder Flux10-8880 High Voltage Putty

10-4202 Liquid solder Flux 2oz 


Silicone Rubber isolating Putty

1.1/4 oz

Will not harden