TEAC / TASCAM Pinch Roller Tire

TEAC / TASCAM Pinch Roller Tire
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Made to fit on the Teac pinch roller #5014175100.

Fits on Teac/Tascam models including: 22-2, 22-4, 30-4, 32-2B, 388, 3030, 40-4, Early model 44, A-1230, A-1250,

A-1400, A-2100, A-2300, A-2300S, A-2300SR, A-2300SX, A-2340, A-2340SX, A-2400, A-2420, A-2500, A-2520, 

A-3300, A-3300S, A-3300SX, A-3340, A-3340S, A-3440, A-4300, A-4300SX, A-6100, A-6100MK2, A-6300, 

A-6300MK2, X-10, X-10M, X-10MK2, X-10R, X-10RMK2, X-1000, X-1000M, X-1000R, X-20R, X-2000, X-2000M, 

X-2000R, X-3, X-7R, X-7RMK2, X-700R and most of the X Series that require 2 pinch rollers each.

OD = 1.27, ID = 0.66 WALL = 0.305