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    100' 4-Conductor Flat Cable - White 1000' 4-Conductor Flat - Silver Satin 15' M/M RJ11 Telephone Cable
    100' 4-Conductor Flat Cable - White1000' 4-Conductor Flat - Silver Satin15' M/M RJ11 Telephone Cable

    Recoton Brand

    4-Conductor Flat


    Modular telephone cable

    1000' 4-Conductor Flat - Silver Satin

    Telephone replacement cable

    Connects a telephone/modem to a telephone wall outlet

    RJ11 (6P4C)

    4 conductor, M/M voice (cross wired)


    25 Foot Phone Extention Cable, Duplex, TEL-548-25 25' RJ11 Telephone Handset Cable 66 - Type Block
    25 Foot Phone Extention Cable, Duplex, TEL-548-2525' RJ11 Telephone Handset Cable66 - Type Block

    Extends and splits any RJ11 cable

    RJ11 (6P4C)

    4 conductor, M/F/F extension with splitter


    Telephone handset replacement cable

    Connects a telephone handset to a telephone


    RJ11 (4P4C)

    4 conductor


    Duplex Jack RJ11 Adaptor Modular Handset Coilded Cord, TEL-415 Modular In-Line Telephone Coupler, TEL-553
    Duplex Jack RJ11 AdaptorModular Handset Coilded Cord, TEL-415Modular In-Line Telephone Coupler, TEL-553

    Allows 2 devices to connect to one RJ11 signal line

    Recoton# T25

    Modular Line Cords, TEL-541 Modular Plugs Modular Y Duplex Adaptor
    Modular Line Cords, TEL-541Modular PlugsModular Y Duplex Adaptor
    Phone Extention Cable, Single Punch Down Tool RG6/RG59 Dual Wall Plate
    Phone Extention Cable, SinglePunch Down ToolRG6/RG59 Dual Wall Plate

    Extends any RJ11 cable

    RJ11 (6P4C)

    4 conductor, M/F extension



    Double Coaxial Flush Wallplate
    Ivory Coloured Plastic
    Includes Screws
    RCA brand

    RJ11 Single Conversion Jack RJ11 Surface Mount Jack RJ11 Telephone Coupler
    RJ11 Single Conversion JackRJ11 Surface Mount JackRJ11 Telephone Coupler

    Converts a standard 4-wire junction box to a telephone jack.

    For 1 or 2 line installations

    Ideal for use with phone, fax and internet applications

    Recoton# T22WHITEC

    Single Surface Mount

    Ivory Coloured Plastic

    Self-adhesive Backing

    Straight through

    Allows you to connect 2 RJ11 cables together