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2SA1494 - 2SC3858 Matched Pair Output Transistor Set 4" SHIELED WOOFER CZ800 CERAMIC CARTRIDGE
2SA1494 - 2SC3858 Matched Pair Output Transistor Set4" SHIELED WOOFERCZ800 CERAMIC CARTRIDGE

RMS Wattage : 60 W Power max : 120 W impedance : 5 Ohm Freq. Range (Hz ) : 80-6000 Hz Sensitivity ( dB ) : 87.5 db Speaker diameter: 100 mm Assembly . depth: 70 mm Assembly . hole : 95 mm External dimensions: 105x105 mm * Fs: 97.17 Hz * Le : 0.1...

For 33 1/3rpm & 45rpm 7mil stylus tip with long-playing life & good reproduction of voice & music Output voltage: 180mv-360mv Channel balance at 1Khz: within 3Db Channel separation at 1Khz: ≥20Db

DeoxIT CONTACT CLEANER D5S-6 EN3R39S Remote Extra Heavy Duty 9V Battery
DeoxIT CONTACT CLEANER D5S-6EN3R39S RemoteExtra Heavy Duty 9V Battery

CAIG DeoxIT is a must have for preserving and lubricating connectors.

Original Sharp EN3R39S TV Remote Control Television. Originally Supplied With: LC50Q620U, LC-50Q620U, LC50Q7030U, LC-50Q7030U, LC55Q7530, LC-55Q7530, LC58Q620U, LC-58Q620U, LC65Q620U, LC-65Q620U. Also Compatible With: LC43Q7000U, LC-43Q7000U,...

Extra Heavy Duty Battery 6F22 9V Model: 6F22 Size: 9V Jacket: PVC/Metal Capacity: 80ohm,24h/d, 240minutes Chemistry: Zinc chloride Height: 48.5mm Diameter: 17.5mm Shelf Life: 3years Application: MP3, Walkman, Toys and so on.

KSM213CCM Marantz Receiver LED (Warm White) Upgrade Kit, MG-09D Turntable Cartridge
KSM213CCMMarantz Receiver LED (Warm White) Upgrade Kit, MG-09D Turntable Cartridge


With KSS213C Pickup

LED Upgrade Kit for the following Marantz Receivers: 2216B, 2218, 2220B, 2225, 2226, 2226B, 2230B, 2238, 2252, 2252B, 2265B, 2285B, 2330B and 2250 includes: 7 LED 8V Warm White Fuse Lamps 2 LED 5mm 8V Warm White Lamps w/ 8" wire leads 1 LED 3mm...

MG-09D Magnetic Standard Mount Turntable Cartridge Output voltage (at 1k Hz, 5 cm/sec): 4 mV +- 3dB; Channel balance (at 1kHz): below 1 dB;

RG6/RG59 Dual Wall Plate Small Door Lock Switch VIZIO XRT136 Remote Control
RG6/RG59 Dual Wall PlateSmall Door Lock Switch VIZIO XRT136 Remote Control

Double Coaxial Flush Wallplate
Ivory Coloured Plastic
Includes Screws
RCA brand

Small Door Lock Switch Lock For MS Air Conditioner Set Top Box TV EVD DVD Door Cover

XRT136 remote works with Vizio TVs Compatible with these models: D24f-F1, D32f-F1, D43f-F1, D43f-F1, D50f-F1, E43-E2, E50-E1, E50x-E1, E55-E1, E55-E2 E60-E3, E65-E0, E65-E1, E65-E3, E70-E3, E75-E1,E75-E3,E80-E3,M50-E1, M55-E0, M65-E0, M70-E3, M75-E1, P55-E1, P65-E1, P75-E1