750W LED Digital Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Rework Station

750W LED Digital Soldering Station Hot Air Gun Rework Station
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  • Product Features

    The hot air handle and the electric soldering iron are independently plugged and switched, each other is independent, easy to replace, large double screen blue highlight display, double digital display button temperature adjustment, accurate setting and control temperature + 1°C, temperature adjustment range from 100°C to 480°C (212°F-896°F), temperature tolerance is + 2° C.

    Large capacity hot air gun, heating quickly, gentle and big wind, suitable for lead and lead-free work. The most scientific and fashionable two-in-one design, equipped with high quality ABS plastic shell, the machine is compact and durable.

    The whole machine adopts anti-static design, effectively eliminates the damage of SMD components. It also has the function of fault self-detection and fault warning.

  • Dazzliang blue 0.7 inch trinity digital tube display, the temperature increases and decreases by ±1℃; The temperature range is 100 to 480℃, and the temperature error becomes linear, all within ±2℃;
  • The soldering iron enters sleep mode after not using it for 10 minutes; (wakes up from sleep. Pick up the handle of the soldering iron, the soldering iron will directly heat to the set temperature)
  • Put the heat handle on the holder, the temperature drops to 100 degrees, enter the sleep mode; (wake up from sleep, Pick up the handle and enter the working state)
  • High-power hot air handle , rapid heating, soft air output, large air volume, suitable for Have lead and lead-free operations 【Kindly Tip】Before turning on the power, make sure that the handles of the welding pen and the hot air gun are placed on the tray, and then turn on the two switches on the front of the welding station.
  • It has a temperature memory function.Extremely low noise, fast heating ,anti-static design, accurate temperature control.Automatic cooling function for effectively prolonging the heater's life and protecting the hot air heater. The product uses the best ABS material shell, it will not cause harm to the environment and the human body, it can be used at extremely low temperatures: has excellent wear resistance.
  • auxiliary Accessories

    • 1 x soldering iron clean ball
    • 3 x anti-static tweezers
    • 1 x IC puller
    • 1 x fly line、 2 x solder wire
    • 1 x suction tin wire、
    • 10x tip、1 x sponge

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